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  OVERVIEW  My professional background includes experience in higher education, telecommunications engineering, database application development, product management, and the arts.


  Assistant Professor & Director of Archives Studies Emporia State University – Emporia, Kansas  2014-2016 

Subjects Taught Include: • Library & Information Science  • Professional Ethics • Information Technology • Intro to Archives • Records Management  • Research Methods

 Instructional Systems: Canvas – Blackboard – Moodle

Keywords – Librarian • Technologist • Mentor • Instructor   

Owner - M Hale Gallery, Palm Springs, California 2006-2009

 District Mgr. – Sears, Northern California   2004-2006


Created The Communications Resource Mgmt System (CRMS), The Xiox Facility Mgmt System (XFMS), The Metrolink Fiber Mgmt System (MFMS), and MugBase.   


 2015 – Presentation, 9th Annual National Conference of African American Librarians (NCAAL), St. Louis, MO. Title: Demystifying Visuality: Reframing the Discussion on Social Justice. 

2015 – Presentation, Archival Education & Research Institute (AERI), University of Maryland, College Park, MD. Title: Describing Photographs Using the K-B-I Theory. 

2014 – Manuscript in process: Demystifying Visuality and Social Justice. 

2013 – Visiting artist and guest lecturer, Arts in Focus Program, University of California, Los Angeles. 

2012 – Featured speaker, 7th Annual LA As Subject Archives Bazaar held at the University of Southern California’s Doheny Library. 

2011 – Special Reader, Visual Anthropology, Documentary Photography class at the University of California, Los Angeles. 

2010 – Digitally restored over 300 historic images for the Social and Public Art Resource Center, Venice Beach, California. 

2010 – 2014 – Member of the Society of American Archivists (SAA). 

2009 – 2014 – Member of the LA as Subject, Archives Bazaar. 

2009 – 2013 – Recipient of the Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship for Diversity in Research and Teaching, UCLA. 

2009 – 2011 – Joint Symposium Presenter, Huntington Library, The Pasadena Teachers’ Retreat with Dr. Arthur Verge from El Camino College. 



  • Ph.D. – Univ. of California, Los Angeles – 2014
  • MLIS – Univ. of California, Los Angeles – 2012
  • MA – Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI – 1978
  • BA – Pacific Union College, Angwin, CA - 1977


Eugene V. Cota-Robles Graduate Fellowship, UCLA, 2009 - 2013   


Deltiologist 2004 – Present - Accessioning rare postcards with a focus on California street scenes. Special interest in real photo postcards (RPPCs), and chromes from the early 1900s through the 1960s.

Award-winning digital artist transforming black & white images into artistic color compositions.  


  "The LI815XC Information Technology class was empowering for me in many ways, and mostly in inspiring me to consider librarians as information providers and leaders in all areas of technology. I appreciated the opportunity to learn not only the basics of computer systems and other technologies, but to also learn about emerging technologies and Dr. Hale’s mandate that we, as information professionals, have a responsibility to know as much as we can about—and to be experts with—current and future technologies." -Sharon 

"Above all, I enjoy having classes with you as an instructor. You bring life and humor into all of your courses. Hopefully I have a chance to have one more course with you before I graduate. Thank you!" -Corie 

"The semester provided a great basis for the continually changing technological landscape, and emphasized the libraries role in providing and assisting with these technologies." -Drey 

"This course as a whole has been one of the better courses in the program. The idea of technology is ever changing and this course highlighted how much we rely on technology and how we as future librarians should embrace the trends on the future so that the community we serve will also benefit." -Gyasi

"Going into this class, I can honestly say I was fairly terrified. I know that awareness and familiarity with technology is an integral part of being an information professional, but often I find modern advances in technology to be creepy so I like to keep my distance. I ended up thoroughly enjoying the process of writing my BIR, and I learned a tremendous amount about a wide variety of topics from copyright law to how DRM actually works." -Melanie

"The overall lesson from this class is that technology is ever-evolving and is now, more than ever, an integral part of library service. To remain relevant in our communities, library professionals and libraries must embrace and seek out new technology. I feel that this class opened useful dialog into the world of technology and gave me very useful insight that I will carry with me as I continue to pursue my educational and professional aspirations. Thank you, Dr. Hale, for teaching this class in a manner that expanded my knowledge of technology." -Julie

"This entire course has been fantastic exposure to technology in general. The business intelligence report, the group presentation and the face to face meetings have introduced me not only to new and different types of technology, but also shown me how to continue learning about these things even after the completion of this course. This was one of my favorite courses from the SLIM program!" -Megan

 "The Information Technology class has skillfully delivered new concepts to me in manageable ways. It has influenced my research techniques and made me more open to new technological devices." -Gwen 

"Thank you for an inspiring term. I do not believe we have been asked to open our minds and look at librarianship as anything more than what it already is since LI801. The class assignments taught me a structure for assessing future technologies for libraries (business intelligence report) and provided an opportunity to open my mind to imagine future possibilities (technology presentation). I felt you created a learning environment I might encounter at U.C. Berkeley." -Robin 

"Overall, this class presents a clear view of existing technology as well as those yet to come. We have come away from with class with knowledge and skills that will be necessary as library professionals. Our interest is piqued anew after exploring the many facets of emerging library technology." -Ryan  

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